Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's not always easy...

to be a perfectionist , oh the farking irony of wanting to achieve every project perfectly. lol It's absolutely unrealistic, I know, I know. Repeat after me "I do not control everything, I only control my attitude and that's enough". It really is.

Off topic, I saw The Ex Boyfriend on Monday night. I went to the funeral home to pay my respect to someone I know who'd lost her mom. He was there, he jumped on me, hugged me and kissed both my cheeks. It freaked me out totally. I panicked, went to see the lady I was there for, waved at few people from The Parish and got the fuck out. I mean I almost ran to the bus terminal. I absolutely did NOT want to be there with The Ex for the evening. He freaked me out with his unwanted from my part desire for him to hug and kiss me. I admit, I'm not much of hugger unless in specific occasions. I mean I like people to respect my personal space. It's very very important. There's no need to hug, touch and cuddle at all time. Especially after a breakup, especially in our situation. Dude, do NOT ask me for anything.

I wasn't a bitch, I was frozen by the creepy hug. I went to see The Lady, paid my respect and got the hell out. I took a long burning shower, relaxed, calm down and told my story to TFB in an email. mrgreen

I'm a bit tired, had a long meeting last night, we finished around 23h00, I did not do an April fool's day prank. I fell asleep around 1h30 am, up for 7h45 because TFB and I had some work to do at The Parish's office. Did an interview with a student journalist for a project The Parish is a part of, and did a lot of stuff this afternoon.

I'm tired, I need to sleep. I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I want a long night of sleep. At least 10 hours. Capiche? mrgreen

I'm currently listening to my Ipod "Belle" from the Notre-Dame de Paris's show, it is sang by a guy named Garou. The song is soo freaking good, it's a love song, it is sang with such passion.


Lori said...

I swear you and I are so much alike. I am soooooooooo not a touchy, feely person. I seen a guy I was with for 8 years about 2 years ago. He stopped me in a video first response was to run, but I didnt. I was lucky it was raining so that was my excuse to cut the convo short. Things are in the past for a reason...lets keep them there;)

Lori said... totally cracks me up that follow so closely with the church yet cuss like a fucking sailor...LMAO.

No Nonsense Girl said...


I'm just myself, I cuss like that in real life. Not while attending a mass, not while representing the Parish as a member of the council but my natural self cusses like a sailor.

I'm glad not to be alone as a not touchy/ feely. People who always want to hug me ate creeping me out.

I agree about the past!

Vixen said...

Being a perfectionist is hard work with so many incompetent people in the world, in my opinion. I am the biggest perfectionist I ever met, but I am getting less so with age!

ExBoy should keep his hands to himself. Hope the shower helped.