Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm just drained

I can't even write a long post, the removal of the 7-8 foots of snow on the rectory's roof totally killed me. We were 4 all together and I'm just very tired. We had fun, it was a lot of work but we laughed our asses

I was able to fight my terror of heights. I climbed on the roof and got down and climbed a total of 3 times and I also jumped off the roof in the pile of snow ( 10 feet high per 20 feet wide), but I am tired.

The guys were as usual the best. We went for hot cocoa at TTF's house after, then I had a late lunch with TFB and SW and I'm home and happy to be. It took us 3 hours, 3 long, painful

The Gal, I'm glad my post about my asshole Mr.Cat has helped you because he did it again this morning, at 6h50. I'm glad not to be alone with a cat like this. I adore him but he's a pain in the ass.


Vixen said...

That is a tremendous amount of snow!! I remember twice when we lived in Utah when the snow got really bad and we had to clear the roof. I never had the guts to jump into the pile though!

Rest up, your muscles might hurt tomorrow.

Love ya

chikku said...

wow!!! that sounds a lot of fun and hard work...its nomore snowing here,but its cold like hell....have a great week end...

chikku :)