Friday, March 28, 2008

Yeah, what's up?

I got up at 7h20 because Mr.PainInTheAss Cat woke me the hell up by jumping like mad man on me. I got up screaming at the top of my lungs " What the fucking hell? Do you wanna die?I wanna sleep, you are soo annoying". I went to his food plate to see if he had some, yes and he was fine with water. So what the fark Mr.Cat? I started the coffee maker and emailed TFB and offered him a cat. lol

You think I'm overreacting? He's always doing this, I HATE it with a passsion. He wakes me up then goes to sleep. What the fuck? lol I'm the human? I think it's unfair! mrgreen

I watched episode of Fortier, a serie I took at the Library. Called TFB to schedule the snow removal on the rectory's roof. We'll be doing it tomorrow morning. There's a shitload of snow and it's a big worrisome so we'll get together, couple of guys and me and remove it. smile The challenge s to climb the ladder for me. But I wanna do it, I can and I will. Just watch me!

So I made a few phone calls and went to The Mall. Shopped for snow pants and bought them and a spring coat. I love it!!!! I had errands to run and I got home, cooked and cleaned and I'm back on the couch, listening to this great song. It's really making my heart beats fast, it's just great. mrgreen

My outfit for the wedding is finished, I bought a blouse and a cami to go with the skirt. mrgreen

I'm going back to my music and I'll write later!!!



SandyCarlson said...

So did he take the cat? What's that about?

Bonding is not in the contract with cats. You need a lawyer!

Have a great weekend.

sissy said...

yeah, we don't own cats, they own us!! and i envy you. my co-human abhors animals and forbids them. can i swap him for the cat??? LOL

No Nonsense Girl said...

Sandy: Nope he didn't want Mr.Cat, he's got one and a behaving one. I was pisses off and I jokinly offered him Mr.Cat. :D

He did it again this morning at 10 to 7. I need a lawyer. farking cat!!!! LOL

Sissy: How old is he? Is he clean? Groomed??? ;)

The Gal Herself said...

My cat Reynaldo thanks you for this post, even though he doesn't realize it. He is the worst behaved little bastard cat I have EVER had -- and I've had cats my whole long life! While I have grown to genuinely love him and know he will be mine until one of us dies, there are times that I wonder what bad thing I did to deserve him. Therefore reading that you get equally as frustrated with Mr. Cat makes me feel better about my tempestuous relationship with Rey.