Thursday, February 7, 2008

So, I send them an email.

I was absolutly convinced that the position I interviewed for this morning was not for me, and after a short talk with TFB, I send 'em an email. He has a lot of experience in employment the field and he told me it's always best to let a potential employer them know when we withdraw our name for the position when there's no interest. As The Gal Herself made me realise, even if they had an opening in the customer service, it wouldn't be that interesting. The fucking commute would still be close to 2 hours and they wouldn't pay me like Big Multinational Company did.

So I inspired my email from this letter I found online. I used an email because that's the information posted on the employement website.

2000 Very cold street
God forsaken Canada

Febuary 7th 2008

Mr. The man who interviewed me
His Title
Company Name

Dear Mr. Interviewer,

I would like to thank you for interviewing me for the XXX position. Unfortunately, I must withdraw my name from the list of applicants.

Thank you for considering me for this position.


No Nonsense Girl

This girl is going back to college! mrgreen :::::I'm doin' the happy dance::::: Honest to God, I can't wait to have the interview to get in the intensive program. I'm very very excited. As for the rest, I'm OK and happy in my decision. I had a great time with The Tall Friend's wife and kids at dinner time and doin' homework with them. This is time well spent because it's good for the soul.

I miss my co-workers from Big Multinational Company, I miss 'em dearly. Life goes on eh? So what's up with you guys?


Lori said...

Well, my last day at my old job was yesterday. Its funny, that is the first job that I didnt shed one tear as I was walking out the door. Its good to weigh the pro's with th con's. By doing that early, you dont end up in a job you really dont want. Hang in there. We're both gonna get thru this:)

Izzybella said...

That's freaking awesome, no nonsense! I'm so glad you are going back to college. You were absolutely right to go with your gut on the job. Even though it's hard, it looks like things are looking up.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks Lori, I'm glad you were able to quit. Finally, this job was not makign you happy. You are right, we are going to get through this. :)

Izzy, I know it's fantastic!!!!!

What's up with blogrolling? Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff about college. I am glad you thought it over and followed your gut about the job. It would be horrible to be stuck in a job that made you unhappy and to have to drive that far for it. Happy Friday!

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for stopping by! Good for you for going back to school and for taking your name out of the hat and being done with it. You have to go where you feel at peace. I hope it all works out with the program.

Faith said...

I'm glad you're going back to college. You will always be glad you did it!!

shannymar said...

There has been many-a-times that I ended up in a job I didn't like for much longer than I should've been. I wish I could have had your idea and called them as soon as I had a feeling it wasn't going to work! Very responsible of you. ; D

jehara said...

yay for listening to your intuition!! it can be really scary to trust your instincts but they're usually spot on.

bisous! :)

The Gal Herself said...

Your choice isn't the important thing, it's that you're AT PEACE WITH YOUR CHOICE that makes me so happy. I'm pleased I was able to help, even in some small way. You've got great instincts and a good heart, so I'm sure good things await!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Vixen: You are right, it would have been terrible to be stuck in a job that makes me unhappy.

Sandy: Thanks a lot! I hope it'll work out to!

Faith: You are right, I've always had regrets because I stopped. I had to but still, now, this is the beginning of my new life. :)

Shanymar: Yeah, that's how I see it. :)

Jehara: Merci beaucoup ma chère! :D

The Gal: Thanks for your kindness and for helping me realise what I really wanted. :)

Jenny McB said...

Everything happens for a reason and you are fortunate to be able to have the government pay for your college. The long time benefits will outweigh the short term benefit of a job in a company that you didn't feel A-1 about in the first place.

What will you be studying in college? Will you end up with your bachelor's?

CQ said...

What will you be taking up in college? God bless on this!