Thursday, February 7, 2008

A short update

Well it's not going to be a long update and I don't feel very articulate but well. The interview went well , the 2 interviewers were nice but after reflection, but I don't feel enough qualified for the job and I don't think this is a good fit for me.

It's a very nice company but I feel underqualified and I don't think it's for me. They told me they were going to let me know tomorrow because they had other interviews this afternoon.

I hope I do not get it because I'll decline. It's OK to say no to a job offer, I just do not feel this is a good match for me. The commute would take forever, I'd have to leave around 6 AM to be at the office at 8h00 AM, and I lack some qualification and there's a gut feeling that says "This is just not for you". I'm going to listen to this.

I still am willing to discuss this with friends and I need to to feel confident in my decision. I don't think it's smart to accept a job offer that you don't really want. It would be a PITA for the company and for me to have them train me and invest in me if I already know I wouldn't be happy there eh? I'm trying to be smart here and also respect myself.

How should I do this? Should I email 'em today to thank them but let them know the position doesn't interest me but if they had openings with customer services I'd be more than willing?

Let me know! mrgreen


The Gal Herself said...

If you hope you don't get it, I hope you don't get it. From reading your entries, I have come to believe you have very good instincts.

Let them make you the offer before you decline it, though. Then ask them about other open positions. But before you do that -- wouldn't you have the same long, long commute for the customer services job? Does it make sense to hold out for a company that's both a better fit and more geographically desirable?

These are questions only you can answer. Let us know what you decide because you've got people cheering for you out here in the blogosphere!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks soo much for your kind words The Gal :)

You are right, it would be the same almost 2 hours commute, it's just not worth it. It would be for 50 K a year but not for what's usually offered for that job.

I hope to God I don't get it, I wish I didn't have to decline. I will tho but I wish I didn't have to.

:) At least I'm at peace with my decision.