Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life is moving fast but here's an update...

Yeah, it's just strange, life's fast, life is surprising, life is life eh? lol

It's moving on pretty fast, it always does. I got caught again. I know you don't know this but I'm a control freak. I plan everything in MY life, I want to control everything because I'm insecure. That's what insecure people do, they plan, schedule, control, look ahead. Have a plan a, b, c and d, just in case, not to end up screwed. I'm a planner, it's almost ridiculous. I always get caught because I can't control everything, there are soo many thing under my control.

Anyways, I had a great meeting for my resume on Monday, I also decided to get my ass back in college. I picked an interesting degree, intensive program, starting in the beginning of March. I called on tuesday, there was still opening places, so I could get in with an interview. If I was able to get the program funded by some type of grants.

Tuesday afternoon, I went to my hairdresser (she BTW did a magnificent job, I feel beautiful and I am. After my appointment, I stopped at the local employment office, I completed my inscription and met with some agent. He was very nice, I gave him my resume, gave him the information on the intensive program I wanted to get in and asked him if I could get in the program that is some type of grants. (I receive unemployment for the time I have, as many week as possible. They pay for the tuition, books, inscription, everything and gave me a transportation allowance. If my unemployment ends before the end of the degree, they gave me a weekly allowance to survive while in college.

He accepted me in the program and I could get in fucking college, at no fucking cost. The program is available to everyone who has unemployment without a specific degree or to get a new career. My studies were in humanities in college, that's not much, plus I don't even have the fucking dimploma because I just wasn't able to complete the course 10 years ago.

Anyway, he accepted me. So this morning I went to Bigger City, at the college and I got a record of my grade's in college because I needed it for the interview to get in the intensive college program. I also ordered a copy of my high school diploma because I lost it. For God's sake, I got it in 1994, that was a freaking long time ago.

I get home at 12h10 PM today, I see on my caller ID "X company", they didn't leave a message. It's one of the company I applied for a job last week. At 12h20 I was on the phone with The Nurse and I have a line, so I put her on hold and guess what? It's the financial manager of that company and he asks me for an interview tomorrow morning at 10h30. I agreed to it and told him I look forward in meeting him.

I was shocked, I was beside myself. I had chosen plan B because I was sick of waiting for call back from the jobs I applied on and I get a call.

Once again, it's a great lesson to teach me I do NOT control everything. lol I know I don't, but at the same time, I always believe I do. mrgreen I'm going to go with TFB, it's in Bigger City, I'm excited, a bit stressed but at the same time, I'm very very happy and will do my best.

Ain't that strange, how we think we are in charge but are not?

Today is also Ash wednesday, I haven't ate meat yet, it's a day to fast, to abstain from meat, no alcohol and no sex! not that I have sex anyway. lol While we are talking about lent, last night at the Church council meeting, we talked briefly about lent, The Parish priest said we oughta give up sweets and chocolate, I had to bite my tongue to tell him when he asked me if I was going to give that up "No dear, this year I'm going to abstain from sex. It's not going to be easy but I can do it! lol It's funny because you can't give up something you don't have or do eh?

Please, think of me tomorrow at 10h30. Thanks soo much! mrgreen


jehara said...

bonne chance!!!!

and yay for the haircut! glad you love it. :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Merci Mon amie! :)

Yeah, it's freaking awesome. The color is OK, the highlights are 3 tone darker than my color, it gives it a subtle touch of wow. :)

Have a great day!!!!! :)

Candy said...

God bless on your interview today! :o)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks candy :)