Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My boss offered us the book "Who moved my cheese"?

I got a great new year's gift at work. My boss offered his employee the book "Who moved my cheese?", I read it once today and it is great. What an awesome gift. I was at a meeting tonight and The Friendly Boss (TFB) has recommend me to read the book "Water the flowers not the weeds" and this one seems like a great thing too.

I'm exhausted, I should be sleeping but I got home not long ago, I'm drained so I'm full of adrenaline rolleyes, I'm hungry but I promised myself to STOP snacking because this isn't good for the tummy. eek

I almost peed my pants tonight, during the coffee break we were around the table...

The Tall Friend (TTF) says while taking a very long biscotti (at least 6 inches long) that I made for the meeting and brought with love...

" Taste it, it's better in your mouth than in your ass."

I was hysterical, I laughed, he laughed, TFB laughed and those who understand English got it; because he said it in English. I know it may be weird but remember that where I live, first language is french. That's the day-to-day language for 99% of people in my area. So well, not everyone understood what he meant but it was so funny. While I was giggling, I thanking God for the Kegels I do regularly, it helped me not to piss my pants.

Everyone loved the biscottis and the coffee but The Parish Priest who (DUH!!) said "This cookie is very dry". No shit It's suppose to be that way, I tell him, , it's not a chewy cookie. No one is forcing you to eat em' you know. I just thought about saying my sarcastic comment, I STFU. lol Dude, the guy doesn't understand not to mess with a girl on her period. Grawrr!!! mrgreen

Crap, it's almost midnight, I'm so going to be tired tomorrow. Bad, bad No Nonsense girl. mrgreen


Open Grove Claudia said...

My problem with biscotti is that I could eat about 100. One is never enough - especially if it's covered with chocolate. Yummy! Oh and dipped in coffee! Double yummy!

Still on the diet - can you tell?

vixensden said...

That is pretty funny. Thank heavens for Kegels!

Ayez un jour splendide, mon ami (?did I do that right? It has been many, many, many years since high school French class)

jehara said...

hey, they taught us that book in a slideshow during my first week of training at my new job! each team leader has a copy, but i haven't asked to borrow it yet. cool, that your priest got it for you. which are you?

No Nonsense Girl said...

Claudia: I'm with you about the biscottis.... Yeah, I can totally tell.

Vixen, yup Thank god for the kegels!!! :)

Yeah ayez une journée splendide mon amie is right. :)

Jehara: It was my boss who gave it to me. I don't work for a parish anymore but as a volunteer I am at the parish, on the church council. at night and weekends!!!!

I'm Haw and scurry! :)