Saturday, December 22, 2007

Well, it's done!

I'm updating a little late, I know. I did all my Christmas shopping yesterday from 11h00 AM to 14h30, people at the mall were kinda insane, impatient, aggressive. Line were long and odd! lol I managed everything, stopped to get a bra fitting (which by itself was AN experience wink ), bought prezzies (lots of 'em), ate a bit, bought things for ME. I was able to get home and finish my stuff, went to the practice for Christmas mass, and spent the evening with The Tall Friend and his family. I got home after 1h3o AM eek

Today? I got up, put up a little Christmas tree, with only lights on (colored ones), cleaned, moved the furniture in my living room and in my bedroom. mrgreen I'm very happy with the results... I cooked some meatball recipe, baked some goodies and went to mass! eek I hadn't been in couple of weeks.

Anyway, I watched "What not to wear", my house's perfect, I'm resting and will be going to breakfast with TFB and SW tomorrow.

I'm working on Monday but will be off Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyone else working? What are your Christmas plans for those who celebrate? Is everyone done with their shopping? Any last minute thingies? Anyone alone ???


Candy said...

So you finally managed to get everything done before Christmas day... Congratulations! :o) Tomorrow, my family will be cooking for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner... yum! :o)

The Gal Herself said...

Your house is PERFECT?! Congratulations! And you were afraid you wouldn't get it all done in time. (I knew you would!)

Today my oldest friend and I are celebrating Christmas with lunch and a trip to the movies. Like Candy, my family has our big gift exchange and dinner on Christmas Eve, culminating in the midnight church service.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Candy,

I sure did finished everything and I'm real happy about it. I still need to write 5 cards but I'll probably do it later this afternoon...

I'm sure your dinner will be great.... Merry Christmas!!!!

The Gal: You are optimistic, I wasn't certain I was going to make it. I felt overwhelmed.

The lunch and movies sounds perfect!!!! and the dinner??? yummy!!!!

I'll be going to the 7h00 PM service in which I am a part of, then go with a friend amd his family for a late dinner, then we're going to The Nurse's house, many friends will be there. :)

On Christmas day, I'll be with The Family. (mine) :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Peace, Joy and Love!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Hurray for getting your last shopping done! Yippee! And how wonderful that your house is ready for Santa. Sorry you have to work Monday, but I bet Tuesday and Wednesday will be awesome.

No Nonsense Girl said...

You are right Claudia, tuesday and wednesday will be good.

Plus, I doubt I'll be busy at work... We shall see!!! ;)

Maddy said...

A little bit of baking, a little bit of wrapping and I'm all finished.
Best wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"which takes you straight to my new blog.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I'm sure your christmas will be good Maddy!!! :)