Sunday, December 23, 2007

You realise it's almost Christmas?

I do and at the same time I don't! lol It's cuz I'm working tomorrow that I don't really feel at Christmas eve and probably because it's raining eh? rolleyes Yeah, it started to rain around 1 Pm today and it's been pouring since then. Yuck!!! mad I hope it's best tomorrow, this girl's gotta get to work eh? I'm almost ready for tomorrow, I'll pack a bag to change while at work, eat lunch and an early dinner because I'll be involved in the Christmas mass from 17h30 to after the mass 20h00. So no time to go out to eat after work, so I'll eat a wrap before I leave.

Mr.Cat's being a good boy, he hasn't kicked my Christmas tree out, I'm shocked. He's behaving himself or as TFB would say "He's making association" he's not thinking. wink Mr.Cat is very intelligent, he's a super cat, believe it or not... So, the Christmas decoration is staying up.

I need to get ready to sleep, tomorrow I'll take a bag with a book, food, makeup, change of clothes, Christmas cards... and get this day over with. mrgreen

Merry Christmas to everyone, may it bring Joy, Happiness and Peace. This girl will enjoy reconciliation, peace and joy.


Open Grove Claudia said...

Sorry about the working - I bet it will be easy. One nice thing about working the holidays is how quiet it can be. Maybe next year you will: 1) have the holiday off, 2) spend it with the love of your life, 3) have all the beautiful lingerie you desire.

Happy Christmas!

No Nonsense Girl said...

thanks Claudia!!!!! :)

Same to you and yours!!!! :D

Candy said...


No Nonsense Girl said...

thanks Candy!!!!! :) Same to you and yours!!!