Monday, December 17, 2007

Thoughts on the day after a blizzard...

Let me preface by saying I hate cold weather, it's ridiculous... I'm talking about freezing your butt cold... Anyway, we had close to 22 inches of snow here in this blizzard! eek That's a hell lot of snow!!! School were closed this morning but public transportation were working well! mrgreen I got to work at the same time I always do! Only thing is that I entered by another door, didn't wanted to freeze my ass in the parking lot. How was the storm for the states?

Christmas is coming, it's not funny, it's in a week, next Monday at this time will be Christmas's eve? What are your plans? Anyone working?? Vacations??? Anyone feeling in a Christmas mood? I have no decoration up, I need to shop, I need to get in a Christmas mood! confused I feel overwhelmed with work, absolutely swamped... :::whatever:::

What I did after work today is went to The Restaurant with my artist friend, we talked, it was fun! I like her

I'm sleepy, I need to rest... Oh and one of my pet peeve? The freaking Canadian $$$ is still very high! This is hurting the economy so bad! confused I cannot believe I've prayed so much that the Canadian $ would be higher than the American $, now this shit is hurting our economy, especially the manufacturing industry.cry Now, I'm praying for the dollar to go down again... sorry for those I'm pissing off. Sorry to be depressing...

Hey, it's december 17!!!! Yahoo!!!! mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen It's Christmas in a week!!!!


Maddy said...

We're all behind here after the last of our December birthdays, time to play catch up.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I visited you and glad I did Maddy!!!