Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good stuff eh?

As you guys know, life's been treating me good. I couldn't wish for a better life, I've got great friends, a good job, I love myself, I'm at peace with the past, I enjoy everything. Life's just good.

I do lack time tho, the weekdays are long and I have only enough for me. It's a routine of getting up, working, coming home and getting ready for the next day, sleeping, then going back to work.mrgreen Except the nights I have plans. well duh!!!!

Last week I had a meeting with the church council, I take the notes, the secretary but it's actually just the note taker. Many of my friends are members of the council and I was asked "officially" this past week to join them and get elected at the parishioners meeting the first Sunday of December. I said yes, I wasn't sure at first because you know I'm very blunt and I dunno, I'd be happy to be a member and also the only woman of the council. wink These guys are great, most of them are my friends. I was touched and honoured by the request.

Anyway, I got the flu shot on Wednesday night, it was a pain in the ass to get an appointment, but I wanted to get it because I get sick easily, I've been getting the shot for the past 6 years I think and I wanted it. smile Anyone else getting the flu shot? It did kick my butt the next day, I felt like shit but I'm all better now.

So the week at work was great, busy, crazy busy but good. I would have tons of stories to tell you, I wish I could. But as of now, y'all can call me the B-Train girl. lol I should change my nickname to this. wink

Today, I got up a little before 10 am, which was surprising, cuz you know, I like to sleep late, I drank good coffee, worked on a document for the parish that The Friendly Boss (TFB) and I have been working on for 2 days. I wrote it, emailed it to him, he corrected it and I read his corrections this morning, added new stuff. We're a good team!!! So I did this, cleaned and did a bit of shredding of old papers. I had 2 boxes of old papers and TFB lend me his shredder to get rid of it I went with a friend to Bigger Town and we shopped. I needed many things at Walmart, went to my favorite store, dollar store, pharmacy and we went to mass at 16h00. mrgreen AF's son was doing his first holy communion and it was a great celebration.

Did I say we had our first snow storm yesterday? And that it went on for the whole freaking day today also? It's over now but it's cold. YUCK!!!!!

So I cooked this evening a bit, I need to finish tomorrow. My house is clean, I'm sitting in my new jammies from my favorite store. They are so comfy, good god!!!! I'm just good, on my couch, with the TV on while I blog. How can life be better that this? confused

How was your week? How's life been treating you? smile


Jenny McB said...

Sounds like a tiring week, glad it was all good. Besides my email crap on Thursday which continued until Friday. Mine was good, made better by a great shopping spree today. I got some nice shoes with a little heel.

I can't wait until Monday to find out from reliable sources whether I was right or wrong in my email debates. Either way, I will learn something.
Thanksgiving coming up, so short week. Stay warm!

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm glad your email problem is fixed and happy to hear about your shopping spree!!!

Yeah, thanksgiving for you guys!!! :)

I can't wait to learn about the emails.. :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Izzybella said...

Sounds like you had a great week. I'm really glad you're settling in to job so well and hope you are in the honeymoon stage forever!!