Saturday, October 27, 2007

An update on me....

Saturday morning, 11 am... I'm sitting in my living room with a coffee and my MacBook, I'm thinking of my first week at Big Multinational

I love the job, I've had a very good week. I've learned a lot, I have learned so much. The computing system is new for me, the terminology for this specific industry. The codes, everything, it is all new but I know I'm learning fast. I know because my co-workers told me this week how amazing it was that after 3 days I was able to enter PO's in the computer and function pretty well in this new "world", they told me I was catching on everything they were explaining, remembering names, codes, functions, etc. mrgreen I know this doesn't sound very humble but I am intelligent and willing to do whatever is needed to perform and be professional.

I was asked by Jehara why do I need to wear safety apparel to get to my office, it was intriguing for her. here's my answer:
BMC's installation are industrial first and foremost. Then you have the executive and executive employee that deal with clients, customer services, planners, directors, and all that jazz...

The plant is HUGE, the way my office is situated makes that I have to cross the whole plant to get to our offices. (does it make sense???)

I have to wear security apparel because an industrial plant is something with safety norms. To wear the appropriate apparels keeps the employee safe. :) I wear steel toes shoes (have to wear them all day), protective glasses (when in the plant part, not in the offices) and in some part of the plant, ear plugs...

Last night, The Passionnate One (TPO), her sister and I went to a show and had a couple of drinks, laughed and really it was a fun evening.... Tonight, some friends have organised a dinner in my honor to celebrate the new job and a goodbye party for The Parish. I can't tell you more because I don't know more. I only know TFB, SW and TPO are in charge, don't know anything else (which is fine). I'll be picked up at 18h00!!!!

I'm gonna be cooking and cleaning this afternoon because tomorrow I'm going for breakfast with TFB and SW and going to Costco in the afternoon!!!! lol I'm in a very good mood and happy to be relaxing and enjoying a cool saturday!!!!

Whacha up to this weekend?


The Gal Herself said...

What a happy update! I'm not surprised you're catching on quickly. You have so much energy and enthusiasm for this job! I should be more like you and do a little cleaning … but I probably won't. Enjoy your weekend, and when you get a chance, come by because I tagged you again for another meme.

Joyismygoal said...

so glad you are happy in this new job and have fun friends to celebrste I love surprises:>

No Nonsense Girl said...

The gal: Thanks for the tag.. you are right, I am really motivated to succeed, I guess I believe we make our own luck, I'm working on making my life the best it can be (for me). :) Have a great weekend too!!!

Joy: I love surprises and I can't wait to see what kind of evening we'll have... :D

Enjoy the weekend!!!