Monday, August 13, 2007

Thoughts on a Monday night

smile I'll be back at work tomorrow first thing in the morning even if I did had work-related conversation this afternoon. (which was fine by the way I'm not complaining about it)

Anyway, I slept in not too late but woke up to a freaky nightmare, went to The mall with a friend and her baby in the afternoon, was back here before dinner, made few phone calls work-related and then had coffee with good friends at The Coffee shop tonight.

I need to be able to go to bed early, I need to be in shape tomorrow. I'm going to be productive and dynamic and cute because I'll wear my new clothes from REITMANS mrgreen (thanks to my 2 favorite sellers, they rock, I wish they had a blog to tell all about clients in The Store, the stories are probably terrible, people suck soo much when you work with the public)

Nothing new in regards to Cedrika Provencher, her mother made a tearful plea in a news conference today. Cedrika, honey, you are in my prayers.cry

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