Monday, August 27, 2007

Claude Poirier offers to negotiate for Cedrika's safe return

I love this man, he's an honest and caring man. He proved in the past how he could be trusted. Follow this link

Veteran Quebec crime reporter Claude Poirier has offered to maintain the 24-hour phone line for the parents at 514-730-3940.

"If we receive precise information, I will be responsible for keeping the person anonymous," he said. "No one will ever know who received this money. What is important is to get the little girl back."

He emphasized that the Quebec police force is not involved in either the phone line or the reward money.

Calls to the phone will not be recorded, Poirier said.

"If I am told to meet someone, I will not be followed," he added.

If there's anything, if you have Cedrika with you, if you know who took her, please call Claude Poirier at 1(514) 730-3940.

God, I can't take this anymore, it's been three weeks, can you imagine her family's anguish? cryThis beautiful little girl needs to celebrate her 10th birthday with her family.

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