Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Things that make you go HUH!?

Let's just say that I hate when people make up stories and scenarios when nothing was said or done to cause such thing. I can't stand when someone gives me intention or assumes stuff about MY thoughts. They perceive something that's unreal, untrue and unfounded but because they've felt it, they freaking believe it's true.

I know guys, I know...Could I be more confusing? Or a little less specific? Please bear with me.

I don't even know why it shocks me. After 20 something years of living, you'd think I would have gotten used of the fact that 3 people out of 4 are freaks? I guess I haven't.

All of this was started when I got an email from The Ex Boyfriend. Now I need a drink, too freaking bad I'm at work and that it's not even 10 AM yet eh? :)


jehara said...

"3 people out of 4 are freaks." LOL. so true. so very true.

No Nonsense Girl said...

It's scary huh???? I'm Laughing My ass off at it!!! it's true, and scary!!!