Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh and just so you know

Even tho I work for the catholic church and I attend mass ( but I have't been going in 4 weeks for a multiple of not soo good reasons), I don't always agree with the Holy See, no I don't. Now if you want to damn me to hell or excommunicate me, get ready to fight truely yours.

Believing in something doesn't mean to blindly follow everything. I'm a believer but I also I'm a 20 something years old woman livin in 2007. That means my faith is part of who I am but not ALL of it, it means I enjoy life, I have friends, go out, think of men, date, watch and enjoy Harry Potter, eating out and I also think outside the box.

Just in case is reading, I don't eat velveeta cheese. ;)

I spend most of my days thinking " That's just unfreakingbelievable".


jehara said...

i love harry potter too. :) and you are my favorite kind of person: someone who is open-minded and nonjudgmental. i respect beliefs of others but i really hate it when people don't respect mine and try to shove theirs down my throat.
and cheers for being a no-nonsense girl. i hate drama too. :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Thanks a lot Jehara!!!! :) People should never shove anything down anyone's throat!!!!

open minded, non judgemental and helpful and proactive!!! that's what I am..

You can add many of my negative sides as well but we'll try to forget them right now!!! ;)