Monday, July 16, 2007

Can we rent the church?

I have a little story of people's weirdness.

We go back in time few months ago, we get a call that a couple fromThe area is trying to convince The Parish to have them rent out the church for a civil marriage.


Are they serious? I ask a co-worker...

I mean would I ask ask a baptist church to loan me their building for a catholic wedding? Would I ask to rent a synagogue to celebrate something that doesn't fit in their beliefs?We are a church people, not a business, that's total nonsense. What's the point of celebrating a civil marriage INSIDE a catholic church?

Now, I don't have an issue with civil unions, I don't have an issue with couple preferring not to be married within the church, I just can't stand nonsense. That was ridiculous!!!

The couple were lucky I wasn't the one answering their request. :) I would have had issues talking myself not to be a bitch.

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