Monday, August 22, 2011

I've lost a friend today

It is sad, I have lost a friend today. I'd send an email to a long time friend because it'd been a while since I'd heard from her. She send me an email back today telling me it was not an accident that she was not on my facebook friend's list anymore and that I hadn't receive any news from her. She actually read something about me and without an explanation she decided that she couldn't be friends with me. She said she didn't judge me BUT..

But what? Do you have any clue what really happen? she doesn't She doesn't know the context in which the incident took place but she made her mind without knowing and that is someone I've helped through numerous storms in her life without ever judging but she has made a judgment based on something written "hors contexte" as we say in french without knowing anything else.

My heart was broken this afternoon over the email and over my friend's words but right now I am angry at her. Who does she think she is to pass a judgment on me? Who is without sin can cast the first stone. Jn 8,7

I send back an email 30 minutes after receiving hers. She hasn't replied, I don't know if she will but I do believe I've lost a friend. I pray for her and I'm asking God to help me to forgive her for being so ignorant on something she know fucking nothing about. If only she knew what she was talking about. She passed a judgment on the most painful times of my entire life.

Sometimes people are not who we thought they were. I forgive her but I won't forget and I don't think I could ever trust again but I forgive as of my heart is not full of anger. I offer all of what is inside to Him, my Beloved.

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Funsize said...

Sorry about your friend- I've lost many a friend that way. It sucks to lose them, and to see that side of them. But you are such a sweet person, and if that friend is going to judge someone they call a friend, you don't deserve or need them judging your actions.