Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday update with pictures

I had a crazy week, that's mostly why I didn't update but I'm back.

I have my student, I hired him Tuesday in the late evening, he starts on June 25st and I'm happy about this (TFB is happy too). Will I be willing to do the process again next year? I can't answer now but we'll see.

Church council on Tuesday night was, let's put it this way "weird", Mr. Power Trippin' was on a roll. Not only did his actions bother me but The Tall Friend saw it himself, The Friendly Boss too, I think he has huge issues with women and I am one. That's one of the problem with the clergy, some of them can't stand women, they think we are inferior and react strangely to our presence. Whatever... (I would write more about the issue but with my luck, someone from the Parish will find my blog and know I'm referring to "him", I could refer to him as "He, who shall not be named". lol

I took pictures for The Gal, of my purse and my shoes and the new shoes I got yesterday. The brown leather shoes and purse I bought last week and the black leather highheels shoes, I got yesterday. I love 'em. I feel feminine, hot, sexy... mrgreen (sorry for the crappy pictures)

I was sick last night with acid reflux and for some reason, puked my gut out until 1h00 AM. The freaking acid burns... Oh my gosh, but I'm better now, I did think I was not going to survive this but all is well. smile

I just vacuumed, mop the floors and did laundry. I'm going back to reading a book and relaxing. I need this, after a few week of Parish's hell, I need a break.


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! *sigh* The wonders retail therapy will do for women, lol.

jehara said...

yay! i'm glad you have your student! ;)

The Gal Herself said...

Love, LOVE that shoulder bag! Good size, neat little pocket on the front ... Nicely done! Thanks for posting it and letting me shop through you. Be careful of the acid reflux. It can really take its toll on our throat if it happens too often.

Nap Warden said...

Cute shoes!

projectmommy said...

Cute shoes!

Vixen said...

Awesome shoes. Cute purse. But I have to tell you. When I saw the title I got a little excited and hoped it was pictures of the "donated" furniture...

No Nonsense Girl said...

ruff: you are right about retail therapy. :)

Jehara: I am very happy too.

The Gal: I'll be careful about reflux. Everytime I get that sick it's my body's way of telling me to take better care of myself.

NW: Thanks girl :)

Projectmommy: :)

Vixen: I took care of this as soon as I saw your comment. :D