Saturday, April 12, 2008

Listen to this

I'm craving Maki Sushi (vegetarians and chitake mushroom ones) , Chinese food and coffee. Dark, roasted coffee. I think I'm going to stop at the grocery store tomorrow, get some coffee at least and for the rest, I'll plan an lunch with someone at a sushi place next week. I'm going to ask The Artist if she'd like to come, I think she does like sushis.

Girl's night outs are the absolute best, that and friend's night but at a girl's night out; The subjects are only for us, by us. No men around!!! Not that I would mind.mrgreen

Some things are overrated, like you can't "receive" well and "give" well at the same time. In order to enjoy receiving, you need to abandon yourself and let go. In order to give well, you need to focus and concentrate. This doesn't work well with the act I'm describing eh? If you're following me! That was one of the things discussed last night. mrgreen That's why we agreed that this Overrated.

I should go to church tomorrow but I think I'm going to pass on this weekend. redface I'm reading Maxime Chattam books (creepy but nice enough)

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CQ said...

you're making me hungry with all the food talk! :o) i love girls' night out. with me & my friends it's an unwritten rule that we don't bring along our S.O.'s when we have one of those nights.

total abandon is the way to enjoy it! ;o)