Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Friday alright?

It's weird, it seems I haven't found any time to blog in the past few days. Life's been keeping me busy. I've worked a lot on projects for The Parish's. (been in touch with different dioceses, worked on some documents)...

On Wednesday, The Artist and I went for sushis, it was very yummy. We had a nice, relaxing time. I really enjoyed it. mrgreen We'll do something again but we'll try another type of food, to try some things. On Thursday I was meeting with someone from The City as a member of the church council, that went well. The weather was so beautiful that I walked from my place to the church, maybe 3 miles? It was 65 F outside, it hadn't been that warm for many months and I walked back home (almost) took a bus for the last part. I even took my coat off because the weather was freaking warm. Damn, that felt nice. smile

What else? I left this morning to Bigger Town to but a freaking bathing suit and after trying 15 different ones, I bought a tankini one (2 piece with no belly showing) lol Buying a bathing suit is a real nightmare. Oh my gosh, I hated it. I made myself go because my old one was old, at least 5-7 years old. I had try some last year but hated myself in 'em. So I'm happy with my choice and it's black. mrgreen And don't ask for pictures of me wearing it, it's not even an option.

The Young Priest, The Nurse, The Seminarian and I went for a walk, had coffee and had dinner together and we watched I am Legend with Will Smith. I loved the movie a lot. Have you seen it? Good god, I was amazed. smile

I need to try to fix The Nurse's new laptop, it's a Toshiba satellite. The Piece Of Shit is not 6 months old and running slow like TFB's former computer. We're gonna go where she bought it because they didn't even gave her an original copy of Windows Vista, they gave her a fucking copy. She paid full price for the Vista. Whatever! That's why she should switch to Apple Mac but Windows users are hard to convert. Just ask TFB, it took him freaking forever to convert but he's happy now. He's not going to have fucking ridiculous problems like Windows PC's have. rolleyes

I learned this afternoon that one of out parishioner died and will have her funeral tomorrow. I saw her 2 weeks ago, she had a stupid accident and it led to her death. She was in her 80s. As much as she was not cheerful to me, ever, I think it's very very sad that she's dead. Her husband must be beside himself. I'm thinking of them but won't go to church. They are not close enough to me, but this is sad. Think of them please? They have kids and grandkids and probably great grandkids.


The Gal Herself said...

Bathing suit season -- UGH! I salute you for taking it head on and buying one in April.

Sorry to hear about the elderly parishoner and this must have be awful for her family but maybe this will be a comfort -- if she died in an accident, she probably didn't suffer very much or very long. I think of my uncle, who was just about my age 15 years ago when he began suffering the symptoms of Parkinson's. He's on a slow, slooow decline. This may sound strange, but I think an accident would be easier on him than this.

On a limb with Claudia said...

I hate buying bathing suits as well. When I lived in Venice Beach, I went to this great place where you could mix and match. Plus, there was a wonderful woman who helped pick sizes....ahhhh... Of course, they were replaced by some chain by the time I moved. I bet you look cute in your tankini.

When does school start??