Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is this really happening?

That's the question I kinda asked myself all afternoon and evening... I'll explain the context of the question so you won't think I lost my mind. I got an email this morning from a Parish priest from another Diocese, he created a program to manage the administrative side of a parish. The accounting, parishioner's folders, managing the masses, everything. He used Microsoft Access and created a amazing program. Well, he sent me an email explaining his program with PPT presentation detailing some functions. I emailed him back to ask if there was any way I could call him to explain him more our situation. Believe it or not he freaking answered me with his contact informations. I called him right away, he was very kind, we chatted, he told me more about the program, the whys and hows he created it and how it's being used. And he offered to give it to us.

That's amazing. If we were to buy the existing software from XYZ company we would need to pay over a thousand dollars to get it. That doesn't include the hardware and the updates.

So this great priest will give it for free and transfer (if we want him to) our existing data's in the program. I could NOT believe it. I was ecstatic, I finished our talk. Told him I was going to need to speak with the president of the church council (Mr. TFB) and get back to him.

I emailed the guys and was just very very thrilled, I'm going to get in touch with them tomorrow in the evening if I don't hear from 'em by tomorrow night. I think they will be very happy and proud of my work. Isn't that fantastic? This is going to save us soo much money.

So I did that today and went to mass, one of the volunteer lady (whom I like a lot) asked me when we were chatting and I had my coat on, if I was dressed well enough to serve mass. I laughed and said "I am" and showed her I was wearing jeans and a long black cami with a short sleeve v-neck shirt, which was totally appropriate. The last time she asked me to serve mass I told her I wasn't dressed appropriately (I didn't feel comfortable to go in front of everyone with something fitted) but today, I felt "safe and good enough". So I served mass with her. mrgreen For the first time in 2 years I served mass without feeling freaked to be in front of everyone. I'll never like to be under the spotlight but I can do it without being freaked by anxiety.

I'm going to Bigger Town to meet with The Nurse and we are going to the computer store because of her POS laptop. I'm going to get mad for her, they screwed her up because she doesn't know a lot about computers.

Taken from the movie "I am Legend", Light up the darkness!


Jenny McB said...

Wouldn't life be so much easier if everyone shared? It's nice that all the grunt work is done for you already with the program.

Hey, just read a book that I think you might like, if you are into romances, it's called Catch of the Day and it's about a 31 year old who falls in love with the new priest. It's a cute read, but boy, does her mouth get her in trouble. The author is Kristan Higgins.

No Nonsense Girl said...

You're right Jenny. It would be easier and how so much better.

I'm going to check for the book! Greetings to your family!!!!