Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My neighbor is a jerk

One of my neighbor is a jerk, I've had numerous issues with him. He's a drug addict who's not working, just lives off welfare and is a real PITA. I'm telling you, the guy has issues.

I just crossed him outside, he's all hyper and grabs my arm and says "Be careful when you walk, you walk so loudly that lights bulbs are exploding". lol lol lol lol Whatever fucking jerk, there's no way my footstep are shaking your ceiling. What the hell? Exploding lights bulbs? Lay off the crack pipe, jerk. I just rolled my eyes at him and muttered a "OK". After all, he's a junkie, I didn't wanted to piss him off but for god's sake, relax. I don't weight 900 pounds and I don't wear combat boots inside jerk.

Your music is loud enough that I can't hear the TV sometimes.. Other drug addicts are coming and going out of your place ALL the fucking time. I have never complain to the maintenance person because I don't want to stir shit. But please, shut the fuck up. I don't care about your issues. You bring them all upon yourself. rolleyes

I'm sorry, the man aggravates me. lol

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