Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And just because I'm mean and cruel

We are talking about the same jerk who harassed me because I was taking my shower around 18h15 when I was getting home and it was bothering him. What the fuck ever! You are at home all day, you live off my taxes and people's taxes. Take your goddamned shower whenever you want but I'm gone from 7h00 am to 18h15, take it in between those hours. When I get home, I'm going to do whatever I want. Our appartment are not even on the same level...

The man's looking for shit, sadly for him I guess, I'm not interested, so he gets "OK' from me, nothing else.

What the hell is wrong with people? How can one feel that entitled? Jerk!!!! evil Anyone have neighbor like that?


jehara said...

i'm so sorry!! what a weirdo, complaining about your shower time. i've only had one problem neighbor but it wasn't a junkie, just a drama queen who had problems with her boyfriend. they had kids, were abusive to each other. she kicked him out one night and we had become marginally friendly with her. she gave us a piece of her furniture because she was getting rid of it and then two days later she called the cops on us saying that we stole it!!
grrr!!! luckily we had sympathetic cops and my roommate were all too happy to get rid of the damned thing and wash our hands of her.

Izzybella said...

I lived next door to someone with a meth lab. Didn't even know it until I looked I stepped out onto my balcony and saw a SWAT guy crouched in my bushes waving me back inside.

I moved out one week later.

Anonymous said...

Crazy ass. We had a neighbor who was a dealer and it was years of hell. I hope yours moves away!