Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Friday night

and it feels like it's not. I am not in a "relaxed" mood because I haven't done much in the week. I have been sleeping later in the morning, put my alarm at 8h00 at first, then 9h30, this morning I got up at 9h30 to only go back to bed until 11h30. eek Yeah, you heard me right, I slept until fucking 11h30 AM on a weekday. I'm lazy, I feel lazy but damn, my body needed the sleep.

I only got out to go to the pharmacy to photocopy a paper I have to send the unemployment office and I stopped at the grocery store. That's it. I got back home, in my jammies.

I applied on a job late this afternoon as soon as it was published. I'm checking these website at least 150 times a day. I will get a new job soon.

I hope you guys will have a great weekend! mrgreen

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Vixen said...

I didn't get to spend the day in bed, but I am not doing much tonight. Already put my jammies on and just going to sit around and stare at the TV until its bed time. Have a great weekend. I know you will get a job soon!