Thursday, February 21, 2008

freaking cold... AKA I'm sick again...

Damn it, I am sick again. I don't get it! I received my freaking flu shot and it has made no difference. Once again I'm sick with a bad cold. I have a fever, my throat is sore, my lymph nodes are swollen, my nose is stuffed, I cough and it's painful. evil I hate being sick because I feel vulnerable and I'm whiny. lol

I've been taking decongestant, taking tylenol and Motrin IB, sucking lozenges, drinking sirup and at the moment I'm drinking a Neo Citran.

I have an interview at the college tomorrow morning. I don't wanna look like hell. cry I need to impress them for God's sake. I need to look good and speak clearly. I'll get a good night of sleep, dress nicely, wear lots of makeup to make me look alive and sell myself. mrgreen

I'm finishing my Neo Citran and will take a long hot shower, put jammies on and rest.

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