Monday, January 14, 2008

Well, what a day it was....

Au contraire of all of my fears the day was OK and actually good. The weirdest but good for the self esteem thing was that so many people gave me positive feedback on my maturity, my professionalism, the way I was handling the news. confused I'm also the only one who was laid off that actually came back to finish the 2 weeks... Can you please keep those other people in your thoughts? Some had been working at BMC for many many years.

I know I'm mature and professional but it's nice to hear it by others. mrgreen I'm also not the type to pour my heart onto strangers, I mean, I'm really sad to be laid-off but I'm still going to keep my head up and act like the woman I am. I'm strong, I am a peacekeeper and I can do whatever I want. Sky's the limit!

It's very important to keep a good name and have a good reputation, I will preserve it because I'm acting as I should. It's sad but I know better things are to come. Thanks to each of you for the support shown and the thoughts. I really appreciate it.

I got home early because The Tall Friend picked me up at work at 17h00. Tomorrow I'm leaving work a bit early to go to a Dr's appointment that I'd cancelled in December when my boss requested that I stay when I was suppose to be off that day. It's the day my cable Internet is installed also. Phone, Internet and TV are all going to be from the cable company, screw Bell Canada. (the deserve to lose their clients, they treat us all like crap)

Again, thanks a lot for the support! I am well, I'm hangin' in tough. smile

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