Sunday, January 6, 2008

The weekend is over eh?

When you look at the clock on a Sunday night and realise it's 19h00, it's shocking because it means the weekend is almost over eh? confused Uh no!!! I want a longer weekend, I wish I controlled time. Don't we all? lol

This girl actually went to mass last night? Yup, I did! I lite a candle (cost me 4$ lol ) but that was my outing of the weekend. I did not do anything else other than going to the public library... I was suppose to go out for dinner tonight but it was cancelled.

I'm anti-social, I'm looking forward for weekends to just rest, relax and not see a lot of people. Maybe I'm depressed? confused Anyway, that's my short update, Mr.Cat and I are alive and well, I'm reading a book called "Company man" and it's very good!!!

How was your weekend? Anyone with so little to describe? I mean how strange it is??? mrgreen I enjoy time in my jammies!!!! mrgreen Big plans for the week? I have a church council meeting on tuesday, that's about it for the moment.


Nap Warden said...

Hey, I sent you an email...did you get it?

No Nonsense Girl said...

You were in my spam folder, exactly like you said on your blog. WTH????

I replied!!!! :)

Izzybella said...

There's nothing wrong with the occasional weekend spent in your jammies. I do it frequently!

My weekend was pretty quiet too. Watched Gilmore Girls on DVD, went out for dinner with the 'rents. I didn't even hang with jehara or chauceriangirl. We're getting together tomorrow though.

Hope you have a great week!

Joyismygoal said...

Hey you:> I like jammie days too but then i have to break out and experiences something in nature or w/ people

No Nonsense Girl said...

Izzy, It sounds like you had a great weekend!!!!

Joy: If it was up to me, I'd be in my jammies 25 % of the time... :P

jehara said...

jammie time is all good! my weekend was quiet as well. friday was spent in jammies in honor of you cuddled with kitty, a book and some tea. saturday i worked, then came home, watched a movie and went to bed. i don't even remember what i did sunday but whatever it was, i was by myself. ;)