Monday, January 7, 2008

I hate mondays... am I alone?

Every freaking Monday reality hits me in the face "crap, the week started again", weekend should be longer.

To make it worse, the coffee machine was still broke at work. rolleyes (in my department) That alone almost drove me to the edge! lol I get my boiling water from the machine, I bring my own instant coffee (because 6 coffee a day would be 3$ and that alone would be 15$ a week, hell no!!!) I mean how unfair for us to live without coffee and boiling water. The machine in the cafeteria is awful... I bought one but it's like worse that cheap ass instant coffee, imagine your dirty socks infusing all day? well coffee in the cafeteria is worse than that. I'm just kidding, it's not that bad.

The repair guy came around 14h00, I wave to him "you are my hero!!!" he open his eyes and starts to tell me he doesn't know how to restart the machine oh for fuck's sake, why are you here??? Shouldn't you know how to do that, isn't that your job? Oh, I'm sure there's someone you can call do I tell him and he proceeds to call on his cell phone. It's not working he tells me... "I know, it's impossible to get a signal here, it's because of the walls, you're going to have to use our phone or go outside... An hour later he comes in my office and tells me the machine should work in a matter of 15 minutes. Boy, were we all happy!!!mrgreen

So , I'm sure you already have guessed that I'm in my jammies, on the couch, getting ready for bed. I've got a long day ahead of me tomorrow, a church council meeting in the evening and a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

I'm actually feeling better, I've had a rough couple of days for many reasons... It's gettin' better, It always does. I wish I could put my kindness aside and translate for you a text from the parish bulletin from this Sunday lol rolleyes, I told TFB tonight "I makin' fun of the text with you but I wouldn't dare put it on my blog! lol I'd probably get purgatory days for it!!!lol I'm not posting it but I'd be funny, lets keep it at that.

Have a great week girls and guys! smile

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The Gal Herself said...

I hate Mondays so much that, in truth, I've begun hating Sunday nights. It began in high school, when I realized that all that homework I hadn't touched needed to finally get done.

I'm with you. Sometimes slipping into jammies and curling up on the couch after a bad day is the ONLY sensible thing to do!