Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's tuesday night and I'm sick with a cold....

I feel like utter shit, all day sick with a bad cold, I've been a bit sick but crap today? I felt like I was hit by a fucking B-Train. lol

At 9h30 I call our guy in charge of shipping and begged him for some pills, decongestant or something. He had Sudafed, I almost ran to his department to get the pill. I took it and felt better until 15h00 when the effect was gone. Shit, for 2 hours I sneezed, coughed and blew my nose who was very stuffed. Anyway, I bought decongestant and lozenges, I just took 1 pill with 2 Benadryl to be able to sleep because pseudo-ephedrine makes me hyper.

Anyway, I felt sick, my throat hurts, my glands are swollen, my nose is stuffed and I have to come out to let all of you guys know. It's an important truth, something you need to know and that you'd know if you knew me IRL.

I'm a whiny baby when I'm sick, I'm really whiny and needy and wish someone would/could cook for me, fix me food and take care of me. I'm usually the one who takes care but when I'm sick, for God's sake, I'm whiny. lol

How's everyone? I had an OK day at work, tomorrow will be better and busier. This evening I spoke with The Passionate One and then called The Friendly Boss (TFB) because I'd gotten an email from him early in the evening and wanted to touch base with him. We spent 2 hours on the phone trying to fix his wireless connection with his router. Needless to say we didn't fix the problem BUT we had a nice talk, we chatted and laughed. It was relaxing.. I hadn't planned to stay on the phone with him 2 hours but it was a pleasure to do so. The man's always there when I need him, always, he comes or listens.

We didn't fix the problem but I found a solution. mrgreen I email a friend of The Father, he's a computer technician, he's a genius. He's the one who help me with my router, so he'll help TFB for sure tomorrow. He already replied to my email saying "Tell him to call me at that time".

So, I'd stay online longer but I've gotta work tomorrow. Even if it's my last week, I still need to be good, professional and work hard. I have told my team to use me for the days left "I said guys, I'm available, anything you want, I'll do the calculation on anything, explain what needs to be done and I'll do it. Use my potential please, I want to, use me" and they've agreed to it. I'll be helpful, there's nothing worse for someone like me not to be used at our full potential if that makes sense.

Thursday, the company is throwing a 5-7 in a bar in Bigger City to celebrate my departure and 2 others. I'll be going. mrgreen When they asked me if I agreed to it I said yes, but that made me a bit sad, because I'm actually going to be leaving on Friday.

Hope you guys are well!!!


Vixen said...

Order number one: Get better.
Order number two: Don't take anymore pseudo-ephedrine. I have the same thing..it makes me hyper and every time I take it in spite of that I end up with an infection. The 'drying up' effect and lack of sleep makes me get a horrible infection...
Not really an order on number two. Just a suggestion. Be well, my friend.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hiya sweetie,
I will get better and believe it or not, I was able to sleep because I combined pseudi-ephedrine with Benadryl...I wish there was another decongestant because I need to function to work.

Thanks, I will be well. The cold will pass, the week will pass and it will all be ok.

Thanks for caring...thanks for everything


Izzybella said...

Oh, I'm exactly the same way re: sick and I woke up this morning with the yuck! Hope you feel tons better soon. Keep us updated! And TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! See, I capped it, so I must mean it. :)

Faith said...

Feel better soon!!! :)

No Nonsense Girl said...

Izzy: I'm soo sorry you are sick too. :( ****hugs***

Thanks a lot Faith!!! :)

Lara Angelina said...

I just got over the worst flu/cold/virus of my life -- the only good thing about it is that it reminded me how nice it is to breathe through your nose!! Take care of yourself -- and like others posted, stay away from pseudo-ephedrine as much as you can!
Get better soon!