Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You know you need a man when....

you're on the phone with someone from your company and ...

Me: Hello, this is No Nonsense girl in XXXXXX

Company guy:Hello No Nonsense girl

Me: You know, I'm calling you way too much, I now know your phone number by heart...lol

Company guy: :::giggles::: I love your voice!!!

shit, it turned me on... rolleyes How pathetic is that? It's not like he said "I want you" , nope, "I love your voice"... and it melted my heart... freaking hormones!!! lol

You have got to watch this video, it's very funny, it's "how to lose your job in 30 seconds'... I actually laugh a bit like the interviewer.... lol This is hilarious!!!

Hope you guys are well! mrgreen Have a great evening!

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