Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday's everything and nothing...

I've got many little stories to tell you. Most of them would fit in the "Slice Of Life's" category. lol

I got up at 12h30 PM, I slept late with Mr.Cat, we cuddled and relax and rested. Boy did it felt good. My freaking throat still was painful and my lymph node swollen, so I decided I'd call the nurse line for an advice as to what to do, when does one need to see a Dr for swollen lymph nodes (think laryngitis or tonsillitis).

Me: (describing symptoms, being totally rational, as a matter of fact just describing)

Nurse: Well it's a good sign that they are painful, it's probably not cancerous.

Me: What the fuck? er, I wasn't worried about cancer, jeez. I'm worried about tonsillitis or laryngitis, that's it. Not for one second did I worried that swollen lymph node on my throat were cancerous. Are you serious? lol

Nurse: Oh well, just wanted to reassure you.

Me: rolleyes :::sigh::: Well okay, so if it stays swollen for a week, to see a doctor. I'll do that.

Nurse: So don't worry, it's probably nothing.

Me: Ma'am, it's nothing more than my body fighting an infection, that I know. Just wanted to check with someone competent a nurse.

Nurse: You are much more educated that most of our caller.

Me: You mean I'm smarter or less paranoiac than most of your caller? Thanks a lot. Have a great day!

Seriously, who the hell think they have cancer because while having a cold their lymph node swell near their throat? Who the hell is that alarmist? I had to keep most of my snark because I thought she was ridiculous. Not one second did I worry about cancer. lol That's what I call an over-the-top reaction!!! lol

The confirmation went really well, I wrote down the twins a long card, each had one. The celebration lasted 90 long minutes. I was proud of them! smile

What did you guys do today? Are you ready for the week to start? I'm totally ready to get Big Multinational Company's call wink


Jenny McB said...

Hi! Hope you are feeling better. Did the nurse mention antibiotics if the lump gets bigger? Think of that if you start getting a fever.

Well I had a nice afternoon, went as planned. Got 10 squares done with edging. I now have two kittens on my legs attempting to chew on the cord. One of them turned my husband's computer off earlier.

Good luck with the big person company questions. It will all work out. Have a great week.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Jenny,

The nurse asked me what size it was (it's a grape), she did tell me that if it got bigger and that I ran a fever to go to the urgent care. (Which I would do)

I'm glad you had a good afternoon and that it went as planned. I love love kitten, sending behaving's vibes your way! LOL!!!

I'm sure everything will work out for the best.

Have a great week too!!!!

Sandy Carlson said...

Telling you over the phone that you probably don't have cancer? Wow. Reminds me of a woman I knew who was a nurse for a skin doctor. She'd stand in line at the supermarket and tell people their freckles probably weren't cancerous. Some of these folks just don't know what to do with all that information that just doesn't apply! Hope you feel better.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Yeah, the information just didn't apply. I didn't even worry or thought that this could be cancerous.(has nothing to do with)

What the heck? It's just irrelevant and over-the-top

I would have told the woman to keep this information for herself.

people are weird!!! LOL!!