Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stories from Friday and a movie recommendation

So I met with a friend for dinner... We went to a fairly new place in Bigger Town. One we wanted to try but that we'd heard bad and good critics. To my surprise and his too, I believe it was very good and affordable. My friend's Baby Back Ribs were tasty. mrgreen Anyway, it was good, the place was clean, waitress nice, food yummy and the freaking brownies was to die for. I wasn't able to finish it. biggrin

We went shopping, took our time and went to the late representation of Micheal Clayton featuring the handsome and talented George Clooney. Go and see it, the movie's good, the moral of the story is nice, George is HOT. ::::drool::::

I need to stop by the retail store because I bought 5 items last night and she only packed one of them, the cat food. The rest, including 3 greeting cards (2 of which are for tomorrow) and a candle were forgotten by the cashier. rolleyes I called this morning, started to explain and the lady said " Yup, we've got the stuff, just stop by the customer service's office and you'll get your things, we are sorry". It's okay, people forget, cashiers are human beings. I never realise it before midnight when I got home. The bad was heavy because of the cat food, I thought the rest was there. So I'll stop by later this afternoon on my way to dinner and attending the mass where my friend, The Seminarian will be doing the homily.

On my quest to find this tea (It's SW and I's favorite tea) , which I didn't find in the 5-6 places I went cry, I did buy 2 boxes (one for me, one for TFB and SW) of this desert tea by celestial seasonings and it's very very very good. I could order online from Celestial Seasonings but I don't do FedEx or UPS, I've got issues with them and they can't deliver with USPS. rolleyes

So that's my slice of life. What are you doing this weekend?


Open Grove Claudia said...

Boy sorry about the tea - that just sucks. I know what it's like to love a tea and have it disappear. Sigh.

Here's to finding it soon!

The Gal Herself said...

Funny you mention Michael Clayton! I'm still weak from my cold and was wondering if I felt like seeing it. You make it sound like spending some time with a drool-worthy Clooney is the medicine I need.

No Nonsense Girl said...

Claudia: Yeah you are right, it does suck, it always happen when we like a specific one. uggh I hope I'll find it again soon.

The gal herself: It's worth seeing it, 2 hours of George Clooney, he's eye candy!!! ::drool:: Let me know if you liked it!