Wednesday, October 3, 2007

About yesterday...

I did went to see my doctor in late afternoon, it went really well. She's been my doc since, lets see, my teen years. She knows me like no one else does. She doesn't just know my body, she knows also my heart and soul. She's seen the changes over the year, she sees me fully happy today. She sees someone that she loves who went through hell and got out of it. She she is thrilled, as I am. But that'll be my TT.

I had a meeting of the PAC last night, it lived up to it's reputation. lol Let's not say more girl! lol But being a member of a committee when you aren't employed anymore by better. It also helps to let go and keep it cool. Oh and I was the only women last night with 5 men. lol

So that's my day, I need to go sign the contract with the local television channel because they'll film the closing mass and I'll be at The Church from 16h00 - 18h30.

I want to say that today is the wedding anniversary of two people I care about a lot. I wish you as many years filled with love, kindness, affection and I want you to be healthy so you can enjoy as many years as you've have today. You two are an inspiration. Lots of love and blessing coming you way. You two totally deserve them!!!

What are your plans for today guys?

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