Thursday, September 6, 2007

Just because I can

Here is one of the beautiful bouquet of flower made by SW for the Parish Anniversary. I'm pleased, it is beautiful. Don't you think? She made 3 of these beautiful fall bouquet, 2 are hang onto the big door and one is on the glass wall. She came this afternoon with TFB and helped me to place them in the church.

I'm not an artist and the only reason why I'm not a big fashion faux-pas, it's because I shop at a store that taught me about matching colors, so I wouldn't have been able to do bouquet like SW did. She's talented! mrgreen If I get any positive feedback I'll tell her about them.

Off topic but The Ex boyfriend called me few minutes ago, puzzles me as t0 why he wants to keep in touch. He wanted to chat and maybe go for a coffee. confused Huh No, as in hell no!!! rolleyes I.Am.Not.Interested.

I'm a nervous wreck, I almost puked, I'm a wreck. What.Is.Up.With.That. The least we can say is that I haven't been good at dealing with stress huh? lol

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