Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slice of life

We need to do the process to hire someone all over again. It's a real PITA but it needs to be done. I've been trying to get the word out that we are looking for a student for the job, seriously been doing that constantly since yesterday at 15h15, it's going to have to work out.

I've had meetings related to The Parish non-stop, I want to sleep in tomorrow and maybe go shopping? mrgreen After my meeting this afternoon I drop by my hairdresser for a cut, I needed to feel pretty and take a break, then tonight I went to eat with a friend and we stopped at The Passionate One's for a coffee, it was nice.

Seriously, we need to hire a student that will do the job, pray for us? TFB is unavailable this week due to engagements so I'm trying to find applicants that we will interview next week. I want to do the job, I want to do my share of the work because that's what team work is about. I'm a fixer, I can do this. I will "fix" the situation. I'm an action type of girl, I HATE inaction and reaction, I'm pro-active, I'm strong.

Action = power = control over a situation.

What relaxes me at night is to play "Who has the biggest brain?" on Facebook, a friend of mine hooked me on this game.


Vixen said...

Did I miss something? What happened to the one you had?

Happy Friday.

No Nonsense Girl said...

She refused the job. Something else was offered to her that suited her needs more.

We are going to start all over again next week I guess.