Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I feel like terrible blogger

I have not been posting regularly, seems life has gotten the best out of me.

Anyway, I went to the mall this morning to pick a wedding card for The Sister, birthday presents for TTF's kiddos, tights for my "kit" for the wedding Saturday and some Clinique stuff. I thought of Claudia and remembered that lingerie would make me feel so much better and I got myself a cool bra. What makes a girl feel better than a beautiful sexy bra?

I also stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some Immodium, It actually helped. I think I'm probably alright, maybe it's just stress? I have no clue but the Immodium has stopped the madness.

Overheard at The Church's council meeting last night. I'm just posting what can be said, some part of it will just remain unpublished.

Wow, No Nonsense girl, you are almost pretty. Said by the retiree when he was commeting on my new hairdo. I smiled and showed him my middle

I'm just kidding, you know that do you? I know dude, I know.

I'm getting back working on The Friendly Boss's laptop The Parish's records. I am tired. I wanna sleep better, I need to relax more.... I'm working, working , working and stressing out for the wedding. Some of my far away relatives are C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!


On a limb with Claudia said...

Hurray for sexy lingerie! I'm glad I could inspire you in this way. You are in such a major life transition. You are bound to have ups and downs and a lot of arounds.

Vixen said...

Glad the immodium worked. One less thing to stress about!

some of my relatives are CRAZEE too, so you are not alone, LOL

Julia Smith said...

Someday when all the hubbub dies down, when you look at the wedding pictures, all the wackiness will have faded into the background and you'll look at yourself and think - wow, I was a total hottie at my sister's wedding.

When things settle down, you can do the Six Things Meme I'm tagging you with.

Lori said...

Just dropping by to say Hi:) Sorry you had issues with your tummy but immodium is some good stuff. I would have flipped that guy off too;) Have a great week.

Izzybella said...

LOL. Maybe a response could have been, "wow, that was almost nice."

Co-worker noticed I got my hair done the other day. She said, "Huh, you got your hair done, didn't you." And I said, "yes, I did." And she said, "I liked it better the old way." grrrrrrr