Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Friday eh?

lol I feel quite busy, like I'm running after my own tail. Like I said earlier this week I've been shopping for Life Insurance. That's something important but not so easy and fun to shop around. I have finally chosen to apply for one with the place I do banking because the woman I met treated me nicely and was very honest and straightforward. The guy from the other company was nice but treated me like I was 5 years old and, I don't like older men who treat me like I'm a child. I mean especially not when I'm doing business. It's like being belittled, fuck that, that's not my cup of tea. Now, lets hope I am approved!

I'm going to a cocktail at a museum with The Passionate One, The Tall Friend and The New Blogger, it's the opening of a New Exhibit and we got VIP invitation. mrgreen

So I'm well, feeling like I said busy and I can't wait for the weekend, I'll sleep in late.

Yesterday was The Seminarian's birthday and it was a fun dinner. He was happy we did something and I'm saying it specially on the blog so you guys can wish him a happy belated birthday. He reads the blog so he'll see the wishes and be happy. smile

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Vixen said...

Happy Birthday to The Seminarian!!