Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slice of life from a snowy Wednesday

I went to Industrial Town this morning to pick up some missing documents for my Tax Return ( I was missing a major one) , then went to few stores with the people I was with. Then home and I called TFB and we worked on some computer issues for 2 hours. I left to go to The Parish's office to pick up some CDs and back home. Tonight, I'm going to the Chrism Mass with TYP. I'll probably go to confession maybe this will bring a sense of relief. mrgreen

I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning, it's in Bigger Town and I have a 5 to 7 cocktail with the Big Multinational Company's employee (my former employer) so I'm staying there and will get back here after the evening.

I'm feeling good today, lots of energy, positive. It's a wonderful day. smile I won't do a Thursday Thirteen today because I'm going to mass and it's not in town.

I'll update tomorrow or Friday.


Vixen said...

Have a great day, sweetie.

Hmmm, confession. Probably something I should strongly consider before Easter. Good thing you reminded me.

Julia Smith said...

'I'll probably go to confession maybe this will bring a sense of relief.'

I love what you said here. Everyone - Catholics, non-Catholics, believers, non-believers - if everyone took a quiet moment, looked over their shortcomings, and then forgave themselves for not being perfect - now wouldn't that be a relief?

Nap Warden said...

Just stoppin' by to say hi!