Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little update from this evening

I didn't do much today, the library was closed, I watched a bit of TV. My internet's connection has been very slow ALL day.

I'm going to bed in the next minutes because tomorrow, I'm getting up at 3h30 AM, friends are picking me up around 4h15 , we'll go to the spring, collect water then we're going for a coffee before the Dawn Easter vigil at 6h00 AM. Maybe we'll get something to eat after, it's going to be 7h00 AM, that'd be good.

I don't have other plans, I was invited for something that was not convenient.What are you doing tomorrow?

Hope you guys are well. mrgreen


Vixen said...

Oh, I did an Easter dawn vigil once (before kids, when I was young). It was spectacular. I just putz around the house today, cooking and getting the new place in order. Tonight egg coloring with the kids/grandkids.

I found the church closest to my new pad and I plan on getting up early tomorrow and taking myself to mass. With or without anyone else. I need it and I want it.

Also I forgot to comment (well maybe I was at work when I saw because my computer at home was still dead)on the picture you posted of the place you lit the candle for me. First I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lighting. And secondly, it was such a beautiful nave it brought tears to my eyes. So a second thank you. Soon I will get things in order and get a microphone and then we will really drive each other crazy.

Have a blessed and beautiful Easter. I know I have had a hard time, but maybe it was God's plan to bring me to you and back to my church.

Love Vix

No Nonsense Girl said...

Hi Vix,

I'm sure the dinner and egg coloring with the kids and grandkids will be perfect.

Yay!!! For the church you found. :)

I'm glad you like the lighting I did, that's at The Church I attend, the one I worked for.

I will be ready whenever you'll be to annoy you on the skype thingy... LOL

Have a wonderful Easter, with the Light, with Peace and Love with your close family, those who love you.

God's ways are mysterious eh? :)


***gentle hugs***

jehara said...

something's wrong with my email!! i can't get into it for some reason and it's not because i forgot my password. i just may have to start a new account. will keep you posted.

love and sunshine,