Thursday, November 8, 2007

I won't be as boring this weekend...

Hopefully for me eh? lol Anyway, I am well, I need many things you guys can't give me... I need hugs I need to get la..I barely have energy for someone else but at the same time I'd like to cuddle with someone else than Mr.Cat at night...

But for real, I am not emotionnaly available for anyone than Mr.Cat full time. I can't see myself getting home to a lot. I need things to run easy at night, I need things to be easy and not complicated. It's just weird, I wish to have someone to hold me and cuddle me, I'm not talking about sex. But at the same time I'm happy for my celibacy. It's a fucking paradox eh? mrgreen

Anyone know what the hell is wrong with my spelling check function? it's not working? confused I click and nothing happens. WTF???

Anyway, TGIF!!!! I'm going to work on the project for The Parish tomorrow night... Anyway, that's my boring rambling... lol I'm taking my butt to bed!!!! mrgreen


Vixen said...


A virtual hug?


No Nonsense Girl said...

thanks vixen for the hug! I also sometimes miss hugs and cuddles from a man. (but I ain't going settle for anyone ya know )

Anyway, I wish you a great weekend!!! :)

The Gal Herself said...

You sound like me every month when I'm PMS-ing. I want someone to hold me, do me, and then disappear immediately -- before he can inevitably annoy me, as everyone always does at that time.

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your independent time until someone worthy comes along … and enjoy Mr. Cat.

No Nonsense Girl said...

I am PMsing, I didn't realise it. :) I'm like you, I want someone but just as I need. It's better to stay with Mr.Cat it's easier... ;)

I am enjoying the weekend, relaxing, it's 16h00, I'm still in jammies. I did put makeup on because I'll have dinner with a friend but I'm slowly starting to get "alive". I have cooked and cleaned all afternoon!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! Take care!