Monday, September 17, 2007

French-canadian visiting florida

during winter are to Quebecers what Americans who appear on Jerry Springer are to regular Americans. lol Not representative at all.

That's how I explained to a group of people from Florida this afternoon how pre-conceived idea taint our views when we aren't aware of a culture. They were really nice, all of them. But it is true, what we *see* on TV or our exchange with a different culture do NOT mean that all of it's population is in fact like that. Do Americans feel they are greatly represented by by their citizen appearing on Jerry Springer? I hope to God you don't think so. lol

Can you believe I'm still posting? rolleyes Well, it's not 18h30 Yet and I'm in my jammies because I wear pajamas to sleep we had a strange conversation about sleeping habits. I do prefer to sleep with a man who wear a pajama to sleep. I'm not a nekkid type of girl when SLEEPING. I know Too freaking Much Information girl, TMI! mrgreen

People from the Sacred Heart Parish, I love you. Your visit was fun, I'll remember all of you.

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