Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thank God it's thursday!?

lol I was trying to come up with a fun and witty title for tonight's blog entry but could not find one. My brain is fried, I gave everything I had today, I poured my heart to the visitors, gave them 110% of me. I'm empty. I'm taking time to recharge my batteries for tomorrow because my energy level is negative.

As I'm blogging, I'm listening to music. I have a song from TAIZE that soothes me, that bring the peace from God inside of me.

Within our darkest night, you kindle the fire that never dies away, never dies away.
Within our darkest night, you kindle the fire that never dies away, never dies away.

Finding myself back after a 12 hours work day is really important. Focusing on the song, praying (because the song is by itself a prayer to God) grounds me and now, see 10 mins later, I'm feeling myself back. I'm breathing better. I'm grounded. mrgreen

My day was long-exhausting but great. I had visitors even if the temperature turned pretty early to a freaking windy-cold thunderstormy day rolleyes but people came nonetheless, I had a blast with some parishioners. The Ex City Politician came, he worked at The College back when I attended (which is a freaking long time ago for those who know lol, yeah, yeah, whatever, I'm getting old. wink

I had 2 great visitors, they made me laughed, hysterically because they were sweet. I gave everything I had to them, because each time there's a new visitor, I treat him(her) like he's (she's) special.

I treat him like I'd want to be treated, I gave said visitors 110% of my presence, I give my explanations like he was the most important person (because each of them matters, each of them deserves kindness and to KNOW our history), these 2 opened me a door in regards to my faith, they asked me if I was a practicing catholic. THEY opened the door and I jumped in.

I told them I was baptised in my early twenties. They asked what made me convert and I told them about the love and the light of God. I told them how it changed me. How even tho the church is NOT perfect, how it soothes my needs and keep me close to Jesus. That I love my parish, I love my job and I loved to meet with visitors like them. They said they knew, they felt it. They thanked me many times, we shook hands, they went to dinner before going to The Greatest Show (they spent 45 mins with me)

The others were sweet, Parishioners were sweet, I helped an Ex Fiance, he gives a lot of time to the church. We were together more than 5 years ago. A great guy, his actual fiance is a sweet girl.

Anyway, my day was long, I'm tired but I'm satisfied and shall I say thankful?mrgreen

A friend picked me up at 19h30 and we went to The Bigger Town, I stopped to get a shirt at Reitmans, I didn't even try it on, I already had tried it on Monday when I went shopping. I just went and got it, because I wanted it. Friend and I went to the Chinese place. Food was great, server seemed tired, the service was ok but we had a newborn with us (friend had a baby couple weeks ago), so I gave an extra tip while thinking of FoodWhore and her stories, because the server made numerous trips to accommodate us (even if baby was quiet), I thought she deserved a good tip. I gave 25$ on a 19$ bill and cashier asked me if this was a mistake (she said it's a lot). surprised Nope I said, she really deserved it. What the hell?

I had a blonde moment lol, I mean a real slow as hell moment and was thinking out loud and asked The Friend with newborn baby a question. mrgreen If you knew me in real life, you'd know I can ask the weirdest questions.

My nipple is not like yours, it's not popped like this, the part where the baby sucks isn't like yours, it's not like a tit, but mine if I'm nursing will be like yours eh? Were your nipple normal before? ::::she looks at me and laughs and rolls her eyes::::

I mean mine nipple isn't erected, tell me, will my breasts become like yours one day? I mean newborn baby couldn't suck on mine, there's not popped tit. Do you understand what I mean?

She laughed and told me that this was soo blonde that she did not totally follow me BUT to relax, when the time would come for me to nurse, my breasts would know what to do. mrgreen

Is this acceptable on a catholic church worker blog to discuss breasts, tits and nursing? lol Mary nursed baby Jesus, breastfeeding is totally natural. Friend nursed newborn baby on and off the whole time we were at The Chinese place, baby was latched on and off to be in auntie's

I'm just kidding, this is totally an acceptable and fine topic. I hope I didn't lose you with my long story.

Have a great night!!! What are your plans for friday?

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